Hello Sellers!

If you're thinking about selling your home, or if thought has even crossed your mind... you have come to the right place. I take great pride in handling a transaction from start to finish, focusing on the goals and needs of my sellers.  See more about what's involved below.  Don't hesitate to contact me for a personalized and FREE market anaylsis and marketing plan on your home.

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Setting a Listing Price

Setting the listing price just right is key.  If a price is too high then sellers waste time letting it sit on the market while potential buyers pass by.  To help my sellers arrive at a competitive price, I complete a market analysis of comparable homes, recently sold, and in close proximity.  I adjust the comps to accommodate for missing or added features to compare to the subject.  CONTACT ME FOR A FREE ANALYSIS



I consider myself a Marketing Manager for my sellers.  I come up with a custom marketing strategy based on the goal of the sellers.  I input the listing into the MLS and realtor.com which push the listing to dozens of other real estate websites (such as Zillow and Trulia).  I create marketing materials for buyers and for other Realtors.  I offer to do Open Houses when appropriate.  A successful marketing campaign is always behind a successful sale.


Closing the Transaction

The journey to closing is through lots of Negotiations, Paperwork and Problem Solving!  Communication and follow-through with all parties in the transaction allows me to get my Sellers to closing.  I stive to keep my sellers complying with the contract and meeting critical contract dates.